Jan. 25th, 2012


Jan. 25th, 2012 02:20 pm
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I totally just cried on the phone to the IRS. This is not because I pay a greater tax rate than Mittens (north of 30%) but because after being on hold for an hour and being bounced around, the women told me this wasn't my problem or her problem and that I should call another number. She was kind enough to give me an email address and ask me: well, have you had a problem filing taxes before? Yes. Was it because we needed more information about your clients? No. Then you're probably ok. It made me feel kind of stupid, but it answered my question. Sort of.

Here is my problem: I do not think your tax rate should depend on how you earn your money. I listened to NPR this morning and this one stupid bitch (that is what she was) emailed Diane Rehm because she was offended when another caller/emailer said something about one higher rate for people who "work hard for their money" and a lower rate for investment. The stupid bitch (because that is what she was) said she worked hard for the money she invested in her Roth IRA. Yes, stupid bitch, you did, but to earn the interest on your non-tax deferred IRA, you did nothing but talk to an investor. That is not working hard. So I realized, the harder you work for your money, the greater the tax rate you pay. If you invest and do jack shit, you have to pay a lower rate. If you work, you pay a slightly higher rate. But if you are self-employed and have to work hard to promote yourself AND work hard for income, you pay an even higher rate.

Fuck that.

Don't get me wrong. I love paying for the social safety net and schools and roads and disaster recovery in unfortunate places and all the things that the government does (except for wars fought on bad intelligence). But there is no reason why the people who work the hardest have to pay the highest rate. And if you pay a lower rate, complaining that other people are annoyed about it is just stupid and bitchy.


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