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So I saw the movie last night with my sister and a friend. I'm not sure what my opinion is about it exactly. There were a lot of things I liked and a lot of things that I didn't.

First, show, don't tell. We did not need the opening read-y bit in the beginning. Stuff was explained well enough later. 

I liked the the role they gave Seneca. I liked seeing Haymitch plead with him and him plead with Snow. I think it set things up well for later. And his facial hair was awesome.

All the new scenes with Ceasar helped explain what was going on. I liked how they explained the tracker jackers.

Generally, just part of the movie bothered me. Maybe it took me too long to get used to some of the weird camera work, maybe I didn't really feel the relationships between Katniss and Prim or Katniss or Gale. But things were just off and weird.

I loved the Capitol and the people.

They seemed to have omitted or changed my favorite things. Dandelions, "up you get, Catnip," Katniss drugging Peeta, a lot of the backstory, bread from 11, Foxface's death, no avox introduction (though they were mentioned). And other things foreshadow changes that must be made later: I guess no Delly Cartwright (not that she's a huge loss, but still), and the pearl won't mean quite as much maybe, maybe we won't see Darius as an avox. Also no good explanation of a Mockingjay.

Anyone else? Thoughts?

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