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2012-08-24 02:06 pm

President Madagascar meets Todd Akin

I might be the only person who thinks this is funny:

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2012-07-19 08:12 am

plea for help

Anyone want to edit a novel? Anyone? Bueller?
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2012-07-03 10:13 am

psa: how not to be an asshole

If 600,000 people near you lost power, as did local coffee shops, libraries, and other places of free wifi and power, and you manage to find one of the few places that has power and wifi and you take two plugs at a time when others clearly need them, you might be fucking asshole.
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2012-07-02 09:59 am

stupid storm

We lost power Friday night at around 11. Got it back Sunday afternoon. Lost it again Sunday night.

/first world problems.

I think the most annoying part is the food. Sunday night, we went through our freezer and fridge with my parents throwing stuff out, cooking stuff that was still ok but wouldn't make it any longer, and putting stuff back in that we thought was fine. But now I think we just need to throw it all out.
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2012-06-26 06:05 am

Serious questions about free speech

I'm not a Constitutional attorney. I took a 1st Amendment course in law school, but it was before Corporations Citizens United and we never covered things like campaign finance. So here are my questions:

If money is speech and we cannot be compelled by the government to speak (there is a case in Maryland about this now about a law that tried to force crisis pregnancy centers to have a disclaimer saying that they don't provide or make referrals for abortions. http://www.scribd.com/doc/48045316/O-Brien-v-Baltimore-Opinion though I must confess I did not read this) does this mean I don't have to pay for the Iraq war or anything else I disagree with that my tax dollars fund?

If money is speech and cannot be limited, then why are there campaign limits? Even if they are to avoid the appearance of impropriety or buying candidates or whatever, the First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.
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2012-06-13 01:39 pm

existential crisis or just a question

What do you do when the people who have inspired you gave up doing the thing they did to inspire you? Not something as drastic as a quitting on life sort of thing, just, that thing that I did to inspire people, it's not working out so well anymore/ever.
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2012-05-27 09:01 am

The punctual Masai warrior

This kinda of disturbs me.  http://travel-wonders.com/2010/02/26/photo-of-the-week-punctual-masai-warrior-kenya/ Not because a Masai warrior is wearing a watch, but because people are all sorts of lol about a Masai warrior wearing a watch. What, they are too quaint or backwards to want to know what time it is or wear more comfortable or durable footwear? Is it still out of place when they drink clean water or use modern medicine? I'm not saying that we need to export our culture and watches everywhere, just that when it happens, don't laugh at it being an anachronism. They are part of this world too. They do not exist to be cute for your picture.
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2012-03-31 08:05 am

(no subject)

 damn it! I was going to buy one, but I didn't get a chance. And the winning ticket was sold in my county! I wouldn't have picked those numbers though.  http://news.yahoo.com/official-winning-lottery-ticket-sold-maryland-050618717.html
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2012-03-19 09:33 pm

(no subject)


I know it's not the same at all, but I can actually picture my (black) high school English teacher saying this to a (white) student. It would be totally in character for him. He actually did say to a (white) student "I thought you were black" or something very similar. She then threw and eraser at him. I know it's not funny, but I'm picturing my high school English teacher saying this to me and trying so hard not to laugh.
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2012-03-19 12:30 pm

ode to Mitt Romney

Doesn't care for poor
For they have a safety net
But says he'll gut it 
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2012-03-05 09:39 pm

good news and bad

 Q is vomiting. Like a lot. Or, he would be vomiting a lot, if he hadn't already vomited it all up. Now it's just like dry heaving. It's kind of worrisome. I called his doctor, and she gave Hagrid-like advice. Which is reassuring. Just one of those stomach virusy-eat slugs Malfoy things.

I haven't talked about it here, but I have been having an awful time with a pro bono case. Awful. Just about everything that could go wrong did. And apparently, it's not me, though I am new at this. Other more experienced attorneys doing similar work in the same county have not had much success. Anyway, in the end, things finally went well and it looks like it will end favorably. Yay! I was speaking to one of the attorneys that I have worked with in the past, and I told her I thought a lot of it was luck, and she berated me. She told me to take credit for the work I do.
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2012-03-03 01:55 pm

disgusting thought...

So...does this mean since Limbaugh takes Viagra he's going to release a sex tape? 
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2012-03-02 04:17 pm

(no subject)

 Dear Republicans,

Please keep screaming about how allowing employees to use their own money to purchase insurance that provides women's health benefits violates employers' rights to tell people what to do. Please keep picking this losing scab. Not because I think it makes you look ridiculous and hateful, which it does, but because I am hoping that you will convince Catholic universities and hospitals to decide that they don't want to provide any health benefits to their employees and make their employees buy health insurance on the "free market." Which will then make the people realize sooner that we need a public option. Or, you will win this ridiculousness and employers will realize that we need a public option.

Seriously, was that your plan all along or can you really not think things through?
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2012-02-25 10:01 am

so many things wrong with this


Yes. If you take away contraception and birth control methods, women won't want to have sex with you.  I guess this is only a problem when it happens to Republican men. A moment of clarity?

This is exactly my problem. We do not need to talk about things that occur in the bedroom on the floor of the legislature.

You should not be allowed to make laws about reproductive health if you can't even say the word VAGINA.
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2012-02-21 10:47 am

(no subject)

My best friend's former roommate/my friend, just made this. I think it's pretty neat.  http://considerating.com/home
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2012-02-17 08:43 pm
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marriage equality in MD

 I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now.  http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-same-sex-alert-20120217,0,2535292.story

Any suggestions on what to do once the governor signs it? (I know I shouldn't count my chickens and all that...)
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2012-02-17 10:24 am

(no subject)

 A million years ago I made a joke about the pharmacists who refuse to give birth control pills. I asked, where does it end? Should a Christian Scientist doctor be allowed to refuse to give any medical treatment to his patients because he disagrees with it? Should a Shaker OB/GYN refuse to deliver babies? Etc., etc. I can't believe the GOP is taking me up on this ridiculousness. Hey guys, I was joking. You guys looks like fools.
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2012-02-15 10:31 pm

(no subject)

 Remember a million years ago when everyone was reading the Draco Trilogy? I never read them, but I did think the Very Secret Diaries were hilarious. But unfortunately, I did read City of Bones. Hot damn, it sucked. But this review of it is hilarious: http://booksnobbery.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/trashy-tuesday-the-city-of-bones/!
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2012-02-12 08:11 am

episode 1. again

I saw Episode 1 last night in 3d for the first time since it came our originally because I hated it so much back then. It wasn't as bad as I remembered, but it still sucked. And it left me with a few questions:

1) The city is an entire planet, so why would Lucas would have me believe there are no babysitters on Courscant?

2) When we see a Jedi die, his body just disappears. Why was Qui-Gon's death different?

I know I have more, but I have to go get breakfast ready.